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Research & Development

  • A team of experienced chefs and menu designers are at hand to analyse market trends, availability of new products and techniques, and also create menus that are both imaginative and innovative.

    For you as a customer, we will gladly plan and create menus of your selection based on your desires and fitting your budget parameters.

    Producing from defined and agreed recipes, we are then able to make products to your exacting specifications – whether size, shape, taste or packaging – thus completing the presentation experience.

    We have a capability to re-heat and test foods on the ground in our cabin mock-up, which is fitted with airline ovens, enabling us to also gauge and identify onboard cooking times.

    Your specifications are then entered into our computerised catering software program to ensure your exacting requirements are available for retrieval at any time.

    Furthermore, we take a proactive approach in sending our teams around the globe to participate in exhibitions, conferences and exchange workshops to develop their knowledge and skill sets.

    Development of our working practices is also of high importance to us. We have a dedicated training facility to accommodate theoretical and practical sessions with our own team of certified trainers covering a multitude of disciplines.

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